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I have recently been asked by a few people how to attach fabric to a stiff backing for creating Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s).  I have used a variety of ways to accomplish this, and thought I’d share them along with a tutorial for a more involved and finished looking style.

Let’s look at a few ideas first.  Often we want to place fabric on a cardboard or card stock background without adhesive showing.  I address this with one of two choices:  hide the adhesive or don’t use it.  The two examples shown below have fabric attached with adhesive.

On the first one I glued the fabric (the green) to a card stock mat (white).  This hides any adhesive that might have bled through the fabric.  On the second example I used a piece of card stock slightly smaller than my finished card size (2.5″X3.5″), wrapped the fabric around it and glued it all sandwiched together.   This way was not as neat and tidy as I would have liked it.  So…

Attaching Fabric to an ATC (Without Adhesive)

In the following images you can see how I create these fun pieces of art using fabric and finishing with a card stock backing without adhesive.

First, I cut my fabric at least 1/4″ larger on all sides than the desired finished measurements.  (This example was cut a little close.  I would have liked having just a bit more purchase when completing.)

Complete your desired sewing, painting, etc.  Also, I like to pad mine with a bit of felt or thin batting.  Cut this slightly smaller than the desired finished size.

Fold a corner of your fabric over your batting and sew a knotted thread into the corner.

This is the tricky part.  Holding your fabric, batting and card stock sew through all three layers using a blanket stitch.

Continue sewing with a blanket stitch around the entire piece, tie off end and clip thread.  (Wow, I know that step sounds a lot faster than it is.  This will take a little time.)  Enjoy your finished ATC or share it with a friend!

Leave me a comment to let me know if this helped you out or if you have any ideas or suggestions to share.  Thanks!

Tea Swap

I have been loving Swap-Bot and all the fun swaps on there.  ATC’s are a bit addictive, so this time I decided I’d try something else I love… tea.  

Here are the cards and teas I sent to 3 different countries for a recent swap on The Bot.

For a recent swap on Swap-Bot I had the pleasure of joining a talented group of Etsy shop owners to review their shops and post my findings here. Having looked through all these shops I decided to share a favorite item I found with a bit of a description. Enjoy some Etsy love!


Kiwivandal has a store with super cute cards and papercrafts (I can relate well=).  Here is a sampling of her sweet style with a Valentine listing she has up.  I especially like the 3-dimensional hearts.  So fun!  (Special thanks to her for taking the time to set up this swap =)


Mad About Pink’s shop is filled with all kinds of fabric goodness.  Her cute choices of fabrics have been used for buttons, rings, and these cleverly customized purse holder hooks.  What a great gift idea (hint, hint =)!


Miss Thundercat has a fun little shop with all kinds of Kawaii cuteness.  I love hand-made stamps, so I had to feature this sweet star that would make a great addition to any stampers library.


Funky Lindsay hosts an array of customizable items in her shop that can be used for special occasions or everyday reminders.  Most of her items are PDF’s that can be saved and used as often as the customer wishes (a great value for the price).  I love her maps that are listed for weddings, but could be used for most major events.  Whimsical and fun!


Provadia runs a unique shop on Etsy that houses all kinds of Blythe doll love.  This tote stands out in her shop due to the black and white photo.  I especially love the vintage feel of it.  A fun find!___________________________________________________________________________________

For those that take a moment to peruse this post and any of these lovely shops, use this code to receive 10% off in my own Etsy shopKIWIETSYLOVE1 (Good until the end of February.)  Thanks for stopping by!


88¢ Sweater Redo

We have recently found that the local Goodwill has many fun treasures to find.  Our favorite items to date are books (we scored a stack of Magic Treehouse books for the kids), purses (in surprisingly great condition) and sweaters.  It seems everyone eventually gets tired of their sweaters even if there is still some life left in them.  The racks are overflowing with them at our local GW.  In a recent trip I came across this fairly unappealing sweater marked to 88¢ on that day.  I liked the color and the simple cabling on it, so I picked it up.

After some quick cutting, relegating the discards to kiddos for fun, and a bit of stitching I was able to make a fun, around-the-house sweater that looks somewhat decent.  It may not be my standard venue for clothing, but at 88¢ I’m glad to have the new item for days at home.

Quilting for Kids

A while back I found a jelly roll like this one available at Walmart marked down $10.  I had been eyeing some of these rolls for a while, but when the price dropped so significantly, I couldn’t pass them up.  With little quilting experience I opted to follow a pattern for using jelly rolls as quilt toppers.  This is the pattern I found at Green Fairy Quilts that works with one jelly roll to create a fun-sized quilt.  Perfect for the roll I had and a great snuggly-sized quilt for my 3 yo daughter.

After piecing the top as directed by the pattern (easy and fun to do), I found a backing material that matched perfectly in an aqua-colored flannel.  Soft and cuddly.

I have been working on developing my stippling skills, as seen here.  So, I had the opportunity to put these skills to task on a larger project.  Challenging but, again, a lot of fun.  The resulting quilt was this bright, kid-friendly blanket that has been following my daughter around the house ever since she opened it Christmas day.

As a special treat this holiday season I thought I’d share this fun tutorial I created for making paper purses that are great for gift-giving any time of the year. I often make these as teacher thank-you’s filled with tea or chocolate (Ghirardelli squares tuck perfectly inside).

Please use these instructions as you wish for personal use, gift-giving or even selling finished items.  The instructions themselves are my property and I would ask that you get permission from me before sharing them in any way other than to link friends back to this site to grab a copy for themselves.

Click the image or the tutorial link above to get the printable PDF instructions.